Guest at the Hillside

  • Guests of members are welcome at The Hillside Tennis Club three times per season, whether it is to play tennis, dine or enjoy the pool.
  • To ensure safety and security, guests must be accompanied by a member are required to sign in upon arrival.
  • A guest fee is charged depending on the activity.
  • While the Hillside offers a relaxed and inviting environment, please note that it is a private club with certain rules in place to ensure everyone’s enjoyment.
  • Members and their guests are kindly asked to adhere to the following policies.


Dress codes have been established for the various activities and areas at the Club and are applicable to all members and guests. All clothing worn at the Club must be appropriate, neat and free of holes or tears. Jeans, golf shirts and shorts are not permissible in the formal dining area but are acceptable in the casual area.
It is only permissible to change clothing in the locker rooms; we request members to refrain from changing on the courts or pool area.

On the tennis courts, members and guests of all ages must wear all white clothing, specifically designed for athletic activity. A maximum colour trim of 10% is permitted on each clothing item and shoes. Warm-up clothing, hats and visors, socks, visible undergarments and nonmedical accessories such as headbands or wristbands worn on the courts must also be white. Medical accessories such as knee braces are exempt from this rule.
Only white athletic shirts specifically designed for tennis are permitted; collars are optional. Men’s and boys’ shirts must have sleeves.
The only footwear permitted on the courts are primarily white tennis shoes specific for play on clay/soft courts. Players leaving the tennis courts are asked to wipe their shoes using the tennis shoe cleaners provided.

Formal dining area: Gentlemen (16 years of age and over) are required to wear a clean and professional attire (jacket and tie optional) when dining in the formal dining area. Jeans, and golf shirts are not permitted.
Casual dining area: Members may dress in tennis or casual attire if dining on the terrace, bar-side or by the pool.
Footwear is required in the formal dining area, the casual dining area, the bar, and the terrace. Outdoor and tennis shoes must be removed on the pool deck.

Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear that is designed for swimming. All members and guests aged 12 years and over, upon leaving the pool deck area must cover up their torso. This includes entering the casual dining area on the terrace and the clubhouse.
Members and guests may not eat on the terrace or in the clubhouse in swimwear.


While the Club appreciates the need for handheld or mobile devices, it is prohibited to make or receive cell phone calls on the premises except in the designated area located at the entrance gate. Cell phones must be kept on mute at all times. The use of mobile devices is not allowed at any time on the courts during play. Texting, emailing and browsing the internet is only allowed off-court provided the sound is off.